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we believe that everyone can reach their goals.

You donโ€™t need to sacrifice living in the present to start saving for the future.

Currently our app is available to all new and existing bunq customers.

At this stage of development the money you save using Limitless will be transferred to a dedicated "savings" account at bunq rather than invested. In the future some of your savings will be invested into risk appropriate, low-cost funds so that you can achieve your financial goals even faster. We are excited to introduce this feature soon!

If youโ€™d like to be a part of this exciting stage at Limitless then get in touch , and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date.

Reached my goals much earlier than expected
— Cas


You donโ€™t need to sacrifice living in the present to start saving for the future. Limitless  helps you to reach your financial goals in a simple and creative way so that you can enjoy life now, and later.

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Goal oriented savings

Goal-based saving and progress tracking using our simple interface. This is supported with in-app communication.

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Automated transfers

A predetermined percentage (on a sliding scale from 2-20%) of everything you spend is automatically and regularly deducted from your main account, and transferred into your dedicated "savings account".

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Goal tracking and encouragement

Real time visualisation of progress of savings towards goals.

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