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Limitless is an award-winning, white-label micro-savings and investing app targeted at Millennials and licensed to banks and insurers.

A PSD2-ready solution to help and retain Millennial customers while the advanced data analytics helps to identify relevant cross-selling opportunities and other forms of monetisation.

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we believe everyone can reach their goals

 Millennials are increasingly favouring financial services that prioritise ease of use, personalisation and independence. And they want it all online and on their mobile devices. Financial institutions increasingly need to engage with their customers, especially Millennials, which is what we specialise in.

The data used in providing the service to customers can, with full permission and transparency, provide extremely powerful short and long term monetisation opportunities.

So, what can you gain by joining us?


Engagement with Millennials

Improving engagement with Millennials to secure a positive customer lifetime value. Cross-selling opportunities, both financial and with select business partners.


Providing a holistic view of the user, including select external data to make superior credit decisions.

lower acquisition Costs and increased loyalty

Lowering customer acquisition costs and increasing loyalty rate - constant engagement is necessary for Millennials given that they generally have very low rates of brand loyalty.


what do we offer?

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interactive risk-profiler

We carry out a MiFID II compliant risk appetite and investor profiling exercise during the customer online onboarding process to determine client appropriateness and suitability. This will determine the right portfolio for the user to direct their long term investment savings to.

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Automated transfers

A small percentage of each card transaction of any credit or debit card or non-cash transaction at or through any bank is moved from the current account into a savings account (short term goals) or risk-appropriate portfolio of low-cost funds (medium and long term goals), all held at our partner bank.

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Goal tracking and encouragement

Short term goal-based savings lead to a positive sense of achievement, which we use to draw the customer into much needed long term investments, fully supported by in-app communication.

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User engagement mechanisms

Goal-based saving leading to long term investment supported by in-app communication.

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